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tv   Washington Journal Brian Craig  CSPAN  April 9, 2021 7:10pm-7:14pm EDT

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host: what is the show about? guests: i have been podcasting for nine years now. host: what is the scope? guest: florida is becoming a big player in national politics. our governor, ron d santos is becoming a national figure that
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people are talking about running for president. host: can you talk about what happened as far as the 60 minute story? guest: 60 minutes slander our governor. the way that desantis did the vaccine rollout here in florida was brilliant. 80% of florida seniors live within three miles of a publix, so it makes sense to give out
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vaccines at publix. our senators are talking about him running. host: you also have the other senator from florida. what are their chances? guest: zero. rick scott is not a charismatic personality. he is a very competent leader, but -- a lot of floridians do not care for marco rubio. he was talking about president
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trump's and size. it's host: what is his pull on the publican party these days? >> we are going to leave this washington journal program for remarks by congressman matt gate. s.


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